Clients Say it Best!

  • Our organization had the privilege of having Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel of ViClarity Inc. recording our Summit event.  
    Prior to our event, Joleyne did a lot of preliminary work to become familiar with our organization and branding, and the specifics of the event we were hosting.
    Joleyne's setup in the venue was an engaging experience for our team and participants as they could see and add to the realtime recording of the piece. 
    The real-time recording allowed the graphic recording to be an accurate and authentic reflection of the day and all of the unique individuals who attended.
    The Women of Paramedicine Leadership Summit was a single-day event that explored leadership, diversity, and inclusion within paramedicine. The fact that Joleyne is also a paramedic was added value to this particular event and demonstrated a unique career pathway for those in the profession.
    The graphic recording will be shared with a descriptive narrative piece that was created as a result of our workshop sessions and the participants as a platform for change and growth within the profession. 
    Our team is very happy with the work done by ViClarity Inc. and we look forward to working with Joleyne again in the future.
    Melissa Ade
    Executive Director - Paramedic Pay It Forward
  • Working with Joleyne was an absolute pleasure.  To watch her bring our Youth Hub Community Mapping Day to life was magical.  From our very first conversation, Joleyne was focused on truly understanding the purpose and goal of the day, ensuring she fully included the perspective of the diverse group of participants in the room.  She captured everything beautifully and accurately, and we’re looking forward to preserving it as a piece of art for our youth hub and sharing it with the community.
    Paula Galenzoski
    Project Manager, Integrated Youth Hub - Canadian Mental Health Association
  • I worked with Joleyne during an Open Space Technology session I facilitated as part of the completion of my Master of Arts, and my experience was excellent. This was the first time working with a Graphic Recorder and Joleyne has set the standard pretty high for future work! Not only did she help to guide me through the process, she maintained a professional and supportive role throughout.
    What made this experience unique was that we used videoconferencing to connect virtually during the session. My group was located in Manitoba and Joleyne remained in Alberta. She and I met a few times prior to and following the session and she worked her magic virtually, in real-time during. Though separated by an entire province, our experience was as if she was right in the room with us. Even though the session is long finished, the beautiful work/art that Joleyne left us with will keep our conversations, ideas and next steps top of mind.
    Megan Foster
    Regional Sport Development Officer, Sport Manitoba
  • I’ve twice had the pleasure of working with Joleyne on World Café’s.  Joleyne has on both occasions provided us with beautiful and powerful imagery that accurately captures in graphic form the spirit and passion of the conversations we had.  More importantly for me personally though, Joleyne was an important resource who gently guided me toward running a better world café with better questions, a better atmosphere and deeper conversations.
    Michael Sondermann
    Associate Registrar, SAIT
  • Joleyne is an experienced professional who ensured that she had the tools and space needed to create a strong visual record of an important conference featuring 28 different speakers. We consider her graphic recording to be a legacy piece that will be of use to participants, those interested in the learnings from the event, and funders.
    Our plans for the recording include showing it at PD and annual conferences held by the organizers, particularly the Book Publishers  Association of Alberta (fall) and the Writers Guild of Alberta (spring). We will laminate the original paper copy so that it will travel well. The scan will be housed in ERA (Education and Research Archive) here at the U of Alberta for posterity. A reduced version of the scan will be available from The Writing Stick website.
    Cathie Crooks
    Associate Director / Manager Planning & Operations - University of Alberta Press
  • Joleyne was fantastic to work with. She really captured the culture and spirit of our team through intensive research and having one-on-one conversations. She was even open to requests to customize the piece, which was vital to the success of our offsite. We really appreciate all of her hard work!
    Jessica Herzog
    Internal Hub Advisor, Public Affairs Branch – Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Joleyne brings a multitude of skills to her craft. In addition to creating clever graphics, she mines the room for insights, elevates the most important ideas and encourages engagement throughout her process. She is a delight to work with and prepares impeccably in advance.
    Linda K. Williams
    The Brand You Project
  • I had ViClarity Inc. do a custom recognition piece for a well-respected colleague reflecting their contribution to the organization they were moving on from. I easily arranged a face to face meeting which took into account my busy schedule. The meeting was expertly conducted.  Joleyne was able to pull ideas from our conversation and turn them in to meaningful visuals.  She included everything from our conversation; I felt heard. The best testimonial would come from the surprise on the face (and in the heart) of the individual who received this totally unique depiction of their time in the organization. It was an emotional moment for everyone in the room. I tell business colleagues about this unique approach to capturing the true feelings of an important business meeting. Given the opportunity I will use ViClarity Inc. again.
    Ian McEwan
    EMT-PCouncil President - Alberta College of Paramedics