joleyne mayers-jaekel

Graphic Recorder

Information Architect


Why I do what I do…

I was introduced to the world of Graphic Recording in 2009 during a professional development seminar for teachers. I was fascinated by the increased level of engagement from participants as the use of the visual medium increased their interest and buy-in. I continued to observe Graphic Recording in various venues and used a Graphic Recorder in my thesis research.

I began to seriously consider Graphic Recording/Graphic Facilitation as a career path in 2014 and was fortunate enough to train with a pioneer in visual process work. I travelled to Victoria, British Columbia and feel honoured to have been taught and mentored by Christina Merkley. Shift It Coach – Click Here

As a visual learner myself, I believe strongly in the power of working visually. The application of using visuals are wide ranging and I have implemented this way of communication directly into my teaching and facilitating for students, teachers, presenters, leaders and consultants.

I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to pursue my passion. I look forward to providing visual clarity and drawing your stories.


about joleyne

Joleyne holds a MA in Leadership Studies from Royal Roads University and is a member of the Calgary Visual Practitioners and International Forum of Visual Practitioners. She is an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and World Café host. In her role as a graphic recorder, Joleyne enables the telling of a story by detailing the collaborative journey of participants into a graphical representation. Joleyne specializes in “information architecture” providing a high level synthesis of information creating a useful visual tool of words, images and metaphor.

Prior to embarking on this journey of visual process work, Joleyne held a Faculty position at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar instructing in the School of Health Sciences. Additionally, Joleyne brings over two decades of healthcare experience in paramedic practice and leadership to her current role as Owner/ Director at ViClarity Inc.

Joleyne lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada with her husband and two daughters.